Welcome to our blog! I trust that these writings and teachings will be of great value to you personally, and most of all, God will get all of the glory and honor as He may choose to use them to help others in the faith!

As with any writings by man outside of the inspired writers of God’s words to man,the scriptures, they should be evaluated by the scripture alone! If the scripture is not the final word, and man’s words become final, we have serious problems that could develop.

So, in my efforts to depend upon the Holy Spirit, with His guidance, I have sought to be as careful in my evaluations and understandings as is humanly possible. When I speak of any issue outside of the Scriptures, such as political matters, Governmental matters, etc., let it be known that I do try and bring everything under the Grid of the metanarrative story of Christ – which is the entire 66 books of the Bible. The principles, precepts, and morality taught in and through the word of God is my desire to bring to bear on any subject mentioned.

May He be given all the glory and may He keep us all from error! On essentials we must all be on the same page, non essentials (by that I mean those issues not dealing with our Salvation or any matter relating to the Character and Person of God) we may not fully agree, and such should not create any break in our fellowship with one another. We proceed in love to all, by God’s grace! Amen!


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