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Down through history we find people who could be described as wolves in sheeps clothing existing in governmental affairs of peoples and nations. It is not something that just happened. It is a fact of life in all nations and their governments.

In other words, some individuals or parties like to fake it, pretend to be something that they are not in order for them to become controllers and in power so they can make money, have prestige, have control of others and actually seek to force people to be like they are and actually become slaves to them.

This is evident in all political parties that exist in the USA based upon what we now can observe and openly see! It doesn’t take a high school education to figure this out and see it either. Pretty evident and open today!

Our founders gave us a wonderful Governmental System, a Republic, knowing that all other type systems were not good for the over all population of people. A very limited government it was also. But today, it has grown to large! It is filled with people who seek a Lifetime position within the Government something that should never have existed. Also, it is filled with people who do not even really know anything about our founding fathers, our Constitutional Rule of Law, our purpose of a nation which is a Republic and NOT a Democracy. Today, people encourage the voters to put them in office and they have not even had a job close to even a clerk in a grocery store. Uneducated, empty suites, seeking to be something they are not. They are the wolves in sheeps clothing.

People who care, who value our way of life as expressed in our Constitution, etc., will note that being in a public office is a SERVANT attitude and activity placement. They are NOT bosses, and dictators, and high handed individuals who think people have to obey them as they make their rules and put in place their own personal agendas! They are NEVER to entertain being bosses, or engaging in high handed rough do it my way individuals. They MUST recognize that their office is only there because the WILL of the PEOPLE under God allows them to be there and they are to Answer to them. Today, the parties that exist especiallyt the Left wing Socialists Democrats, and some Republicans think that we are to answer to them!! They have it upside down. That is the problem today. They care less about you and I except for our VOTE. All ends there!! From there on out is is their own money, position, and greedy hands and way of life which they engage in. Forget the people of the USA, we are their bosses! Wrong! You are not and it will eventually come back to bite your head off, like recently they saw just a token of what it can be and will be if they continue on down the line with the same rhetoric and activities they have been doing for some years now!! Will they learn? It doesn’t appear they will or even entertain such learning desires about it all. Today, they are trying to make you fear them, by stating hate words, threats, and other very obnoxious ideas and ways of functioning.

By focusing on one person, they are promoting an idea that if you and I do like the President you are going to get the same. As if they are warning us this will be the way we will treat all of you!! For four straight years they were like Dogs and Wolves seeking to eat us alive. They promote threats to others and yet their threats are full of the accusations they are seeking to place upon others. This is insanity! This is what HATE Speech (Murder in the heart) does to individuals and even entire populations at times.

Now they are emboldened in their ways and think they can get away with it. They will NOT get away with it. They will eventually have the entire nation, even those who voted for them turn against them and they will perish!! They cannot survive!!! God will give them confusion and they will end up destroying each other. That is the way Satan and demons work in human beings. So stay tuned! This isn’t over yet. God has the last word!!!

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