Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

All of us seek to look for life fulfillment where it will never be found. But that temptation haunts us every day of our lives. We major on horizontal focus rather than on vertical most of the time and we even ask creation to be our Savior and through it find fulfillment. But that is another illusion.

I think Paul David Tripp has it down very clearly the way we do such things. Notice his list, which of course is not exhaustive, but illustrates my point:

  1. We attach our identity to the respect of another.
  2. We draw too much of our sense of well-being from our physical appearance.
  3. We think material possessions have the power to make us happy.
  4. We attach our meaning and purpose to our achievements.
  5. We ask our jobs to make us content.
  6. We try to base our identity on our children.
  7. We attach our sense of spiritual well-being to the “perfect” church.
  8. We base our identity on our education.
  9. We ask our spouses to make us happy.
  10. We look to food and drink to satisfy and calm us.
  11. We continually say, “If only I had _________, then my life would be ______.
  12. We attach our identity to the luxury of our cars, or the affluence of our neighborhoods.

All of those things are not evil or wrong, but rather God has designed them to POINT us toward Him rather than to the creation itself. He is the ONLY ONE who can provide us with Life and that more abundantly. Signs are to point you to something else besides the sign.

So, all good things such as situations, locations, possessions, relationships, achievements, and creation which is beautiful, are blesings given by God alone, for those things can never give you what you need. Note John 14:6:

I AM the way, the truth and the life”, Jesus said. So, we need to stop searching when the needs is already here and we need to look for it no where else for it isn’t there. Read also Psalm 115.

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