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JUNE 29, 2020:

Winds are blowing and the chaff is being driven away and exposing the lies, corruption, and outright unlawful and traitor like activities being endorsed and practiced by the leaders of the Democratic party. Thanking God for HIS exposure of evil in our midst. Poison is in the POT! The problem with our nation is SIN, and it is Human beings that are the problem, NOT COVID-19! That VIRUS comes from God in judgment upon the human beings who deny and strike out at God and His creation which includes other humans! Denial of God is meaningless when HE ACTUALLY EXISTS and is involved in every detail of human life, all the way from death, evil and good and righteousness.

He uses evil to work for HIS good purposes and plans. He allows evil to be in order to show its ugly face as to what it is, and how HE will destroy it and show forth HOW good and Holy and Right HE always is. He is GOD! Satan is not and nor are his children in whom he lives and conducts his affairs in this world.

June 28, 2020:

God has a word to this generation of people on planet earth! Are they listening, and if they listen, what do they do with it? God is calling every human being alive on earth today, to turn from their wicked ways, (repent), and confess their sins to Him for all sin is directed toward God whether a person acknowledges it or doesn’t even realize it. IT IS!!! But the sin comes down on God’s creatures especially the human beings, one’s own kind. Then after repenting and confessing, a person must trust and have faith in Jesus Christ as HIS Lord and God and worship Him forever.

Is this happening? Perhaps on a individual small scale some are doing this during this judgmental period from God, but it is not large enough to make the headlines or change the culture here in the USA!

People will not allow their own minds to embrace the fact THIS IS FROM GOD TO US!! THIS IS NOT JUST CHANCE HAPPENINGS, NOT JUST AN ACCIDENT, NOT JUST SOME FLUKE OF NATURE. IT IS DIRECT JUDGMENT FROM GOD!! PERIOD! Over and over again through out the Old Testament days, God warned people about impending judgment and if they would not turn from their sins and worship Him He would bring the judgment. Totally destroying the nations.

For instance in Jeremiah 36, God warned the tribes of Judah to turn from their wickedness and if they would HE would not judge them and destroy them. The prophet wrote down on a scroll the message from God to the King of Judah, and he heard it read and took the scroll on which it was written and burned it in the fire and would not LISTEN to God’s call and demand!! So, they were destroyed.

God uses all types of ways to implement upon people His judgement. He may bring plagues like the Covid-19 China Virus, a Earthquake, a Tornado, a Hurricane, a local Flood on a nation, War upon a nation from another nation, Terrorism, Famine, etc.! These are sent because of SIN AND REBELLION. WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE, THIS SIN THAT WOULD CAUSE SUCH ACTIONS FROM THE GOD OF ALL CREATION?

It is things expressed like this: Hate, Slander, Lies, Constant hate expressed by verbal damage to another’s character, lust for power, control, and money; pride, arrogance, deceit, lips that spread rumors, murder, violence, mayhem, terrorism, physical abuse, mental abuse, rape, sexual aberrations of all types, robbery, Greed, False narratives, racial hate by any person or group of a certain racial characteristic toward others not in their tribe, misrepresentations, false reports, placing heavy burdens on others they cannot bear, abuse, laziness, gossip, drunkenness, drug usage, abuse of body, and any other like things that people do and engage in that bring harm to others or to their own self.

This is going on 24/7 today by all people to some degree in the USA! The mass media outlets (news, programs etc.) and the Press, along with the Political parties which NONE or exempt from the above, but the Democrats and Socialists are some of the worse offenders and fully blown expressors of the sins mentioned. Along with them are the BLM, Antifa and various other radical groups which have arisen that are full of SIN and wickedness activities.

So, God sends JUDGEMENT. We see HIS wrath displayed as HE sends and allows such things as we notice as the China Covid-19; the harm to our social civilized unity which brings divisions, strife, hate, murder, rape and destruction of property. This is the JUDGEMENT OF GOD! Also, He sends the collapse of civility and Governmental wisdom and a lack of control of the masses of people which have gone absolutely MAD and INSANE with their sins flowing from their souls as if it were water from a faucet!! This is taking place today in the USA!

A nation which embraced Christ and God and worshipped him in days past, has left God and worshipped SELF and CREATION and have become absolute Idol worshippers of such! So we are under a dark cloud of Judgment and it will NOT get better but worse until man bows their KNEES to GOD rather than to other people!!! HE will bring a total destructive blow to the nation of ours if our people do not turn to HIM! That is it period! History has proven such and HE always works this way.


God sent His Son Jesus Christ (the God man), into the world to save those who would repent and trust Him as Lord and God and Savior. He shed His blood and died for Sins atoning for those sins making a person able to find pardon and forgiveness if they will trust in HIM alone for salvation from God’s wrath!! So, if YOU hear HIM call come to Him now and be saved. Then peace, joy, healing, civility will come back to our nation and hope and a great future for all who do so!!

Having said all of that, I want to make a note of this; the local body of Christ called the Church, is to realize than any of that message about the world needing to repent and confess and trust in faith Christ, is also directed FIRST to the body of Christ, which may be moving away into a mode of thinking which believes that the “cultural status” means we are to be “WOKE” and make changes in our own home and people in order to placate or bend the knee to the world system. Not so! We need to bend our knees to the eternal word of God and live and obey Him not the mores and systems of this world and their ideas about race, culture, or sex or anything else.

They HAVE NO WORD for us at all. Our WORD comes directly in scripture FROM GOD ALONE! To Him we answer and seek to obey not the Government, not the people of any racial group, not any militant movement etc.! All we say to them all is repent and get right with God and our Christ Jesus who has is the ONLY Almighty God and Sovereign Lord of all things to whom we answer and no one else!!!

Today I received news that Chic-fil-A’s owner Cathy, rejected the word of God and His teachings about BLM, and the violence and riots and hate going on by those radical groups. The man is a fake person who seeks attention and plays a role which NO Christian would ever do and is actually commanded not to do. Loving one another doesn’t consist of displaying pious self righteousness to the public like he did shining the shoes of a person. That is so egotistical self love of one I have ever seen displayed other that the Pharisial Romanism of today. To voice support for violence and terrorism is absolutely ungodly and Anti Christ talk! Pray for this dark deep demonic influenced soul. I cannot in good conscience do business with this facility anymore!

Another bad news story today! Fox News has set up a lengthy program for Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam who is one of the biggest bigots, racist, and Jew haters that lives today. His desires to slay all of the Jews and engage in many violent acts, is unacceptable behavior by anyone who values any moral issue. Louis is a very disturbed and demon possessed man! He does not represent America, Christianity, and also he doesn’t represent the Black Community of people in the USA!! Now Fox supports the evil of this man by giving him a voice and microphone to spread his hate and racism and bigotry and anti semitism.

JUNE 27, 2020:

Texas, and of course, New Braunfels, Texas, is now back under more strict Covid-19 Virus (China Virus) restrictions. This is due to the upcoming Holiday and also the spikes taking place now especially among the younger generation. As usual, however, the mandatory rule of using the Mask has some allowances for those who cannot wear one, but over all the objective is to try and get more people using the mask to help prevent “some” cases from taking place especially among the more vulnerable. In my opinion after reading about this for all of the days this has been spoken about, I think the basic two elements which MUST be observed BY ALL (Mask or no mask), is Social Distancing (6 feet minimum), not touching each other, and also, washing and sanitizing your hands a lot every day. Keeping the fingers off the facial area until such washing takes place. Doing this is the most important!!!

Hiding behind his mask, Joe Biden, won’t debate, won’t go public, and keeps making serious errors in his speeches. I mean just normal every day words so far removed from reality one wonders why this embarrassing thing is being allowed to take place. Isn’t his family and the leaders of the sociopath democrat’s having any sort of conscience and love for their own??? I mean this is really sad stuff. The man is sick and I mean really ill mentally. Now every one of us can see and hear it. But since when does the party care if they they can use the “empty suit” guy to get into office and then he resign and another moves in just so they get power, control, and tyrannical leadership going for their objectives. God deliver us from all of us comic book stuff!

Really all of this sounds like Gotham city and the Joker comics!!

June 25, 2020:

This week has been a turbulent week both in the nation (USA), and within the Christian Church. Examination of our motives and actions is a good thing for the body of Christ to do and the current mayhem and terrorism in the streets has been used of God to draw us to such a moment of inspection and thought within our own soul and spirit about many matters relating to the walk of faith we are in!

I personally, along with many others I am sure, are praying for a great awakening in our land, a movement of God to come and show Himself great among the people of this nation, but turning hearts to Him and saving many and reviving His own people so they will increase in their faith and service for Him!

I have been praying God will expose the enemies of our God, and His body of Christ, and expose the enemies of the United States of America also who may be citizens as well as foreigners creating much chaos and hate here in our land. We see very clearly without any speculation and doubt, that the Mass Media outlets (Press and all cable and television networks) are solidly on the side of Evil and Satan.

Along with them various groups such as BLM (The actual leaders and their group in contrast to the black community) and the Antifa movement and the Democratic party leadership are all in the pocket of Satan and being used of him to destroy, hate, produce all manner of sinful fruit being expressed openly now to all in this nation. And alongside of all of that the China Covid-19 Virus is still being sent by God to take out many people and make many ill!

I read the Book of Revelation this morning and see that this is not to be a surprise. For in that revelation of the end times, we see God coming down with HIS Armies upon the Earth and doing great and powerful signs such as fire, plagues, destruction and even slaying of human beings who are followers of Satan.

They STILL do not repent and trust in Christ and our God, but still get angry and full of hate and raise up their fists in defiance toward the Almighty God of all creation. So, it is not surprising that what we are seeing today is happening here in the USA!

As the parties or groups I mentioned who are involved in the warfare against the USA Government, and against all Law and Order, God exposes their wickedness openly to the world, but the Media outlets keep silent as it comes out and will not report this at all. They keep focused on slander, hate, lying about the President and staying centered upon everything they can think of making it wrong! They Turn everything Upside down and think it is real cute and wonderful and even seem to think it is right! They take a word and make it mean something it never means or could ever mean.

That is, they are inventing a new vocabulary so when I say for instance, it is a red bottle, they would say it is a golden plate! That is how bad it is!! So racism now is anything that is against their left wing ideologies. If you are not on their side of the violence and evil then you are a racist!!! How sad they live in darkness and can’t see the LIGHT!! The LIGHT is Jesus Christ and our God and they do not walk with Him at all. But rather, walk with their father who is Satan!

June 21, 2020:

Last night, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, President Trump began his official rallies relating to his run for another term in office. It was a great meeting, a great speech (except for a few expletives which was unnecessary), and reflective of how great a leader this man rally is in spite of all of the hate, trash, and downgrading of all he is and does. It is interesting that the Democratic Socialist terrorist party of today (Yes, they support terrorist domestic and foreign), and that is so easy to see and know that one would have to be supernaturally blinded by God or Satan to not see it, treats the President JUST LIKE THEY ARE ACCUSING ALL OF US DOING TOWARD OTHER RACIAL GROUPS!! Isn’t that reflective of a confused mind and purpose and plan?

I mean, if those same actions by the Media and the Democrats, all of their lies, words of hate, etc., were directed by Trump toward say the black people he would be impeached and removed from office. And rightly so! But they can do that to him and feel smug and great and think they are not racists and doing a great job!! How confused is that? HATE, and LIES are SINS of the same order as Racism. In fact, there is NO systemic racism existing in the USA, because there are so many laws protecting the races in America you can’t keep up with them. So there is NO official systemic racism existing in the USA that is a false narrative. NOTICE I say a systemic system of racism, because there are individuals who are racists but compare to those who are not it would be a very low percentage.

The rally was great. It looks like he will defeat Joe Biden so much in numbers and in States support that it will be the greatest loss every in the history of this nation.

June 19, 2020:


This is Friday the 19th of June. All quiet in my territory. However, news is that our little town has a huge spike in Covid-19 Virus cases. San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas apparently are having the hospitals filled up again with this Virus type cases. Why? Supposedly a combination of two things; Memorial Day and Vacation time folks coming to our poplar little Texas town as they normally do each year. They brought with them the Virus and did not practice Social Distancing. Also, a lot of our own citizens do not practice such either. Of course, some wear masks, but a lot do not! NOW< due to this we are having high levels of cases showing up! Oh, when will folks just learn to keep certain practical and easy rules of hygiene! Yes, it is a nuisance, and yet it keeps one safer by far and helps stamp out the virus in our area!


Today, I read about how Facebook blocked our Presidents ad which is a promotion for his upcoming campaign for President in November. But the reason was Facebook sides with the ANTIFA movement of violence, hate and rioting and mayhem, since they consider President Trump should not expose the movements Symbol they use, and the symbol they use was a Old Nazi type Symbol or close to it.

They said the symbol reflected hate and policies they do not approve of, YET, Antifa is the one conducting such stuff in our streets today and are listed now as a Domestic Terror Group. Trump was speaking about how we all need to stand up against this terrorist organization. But FaceBook will have none of that!! I only hope and pray that the Attorney General will close down this operation call Facebook and put them out of business so that a responsible social network that values free speech and our rule of law and our Constitution would be available . Pray it be so!

June18, 2020:

Today our nation continues to be in much turmoil, both politically, and spiritually. Confusion, anxiety, fear, chaos, mayhem, murder, hate, slander, lack of faith in God and Christ, racial hatred by all groups exist, treason, traitors, liars, promoting of all types of sin and evil by people from the top echelons of our Government down to the homeless in the streets exist! Yet, within all of this GOD is here, He sees, He is involved, He has not forsaken His people, He is in charge of the minutest details of all that takes place, either in judgment upon the wicked, either in teaching and training His people in their spiritual walk and journey of life with Him! Until HE is through with these works at present which are on a larger scale of operation visually,specifically Covid-19 and the Rebellion in the streets it will continue. Hopefully, His people will cry out to Him for mercy and grace extended toward the nation of peoples who basically know not what they are doing! Clouded in the darkness of evil and sin, their minds and abilities to reason have left them mad!! May God have mercy!

In the midst of this storm, I have noticed there are pockets of change taking place for good. I have noticed even the minds and thoughts of those who are involved or were involved in the works of darkness within the political parties and various agencies are learning that their former way was wrong and they are changing their minds about various things, such as defunding of the Police and hating the Police! Why? They have had their own homes destroyed or their very life put in danger by thugs on the street and from the BLM and Antifa type people!! Nothing like getting hit with the ones you supported to change your mind right? So pray for them all!

JUNE 16, – 2020:

Tucker Carlson on Fox News, is a very patriotic, Conservative host and one who challenges false or misguided issues we face today in our nation. However, the Left wing radicals (BLM, Antifa, Democrats, Network industry, the Press, etc., are seeking to deny his challenges and want to shut him up totally. It seems the left wingers and terrorist types want to have their freedom of speech and expression but NO ONE else can speak! God gave us this natural right! Their position is not tenable and should be outlawed because it violates basic human rights. If we lose ours, then they must lose theirs!! You can’t have it any other way without being a tyrant and absolute dictator over human beings!

Today, turn to this address and listen to “Candace Owens” one of the most remarkable women of the hour holding up truth and facts. Search for her internet sites in Google. You will be delighted to hear her stand up for truth!

JUNE 15 – 2020:

Thomas Sowell, a black intellectual writer on current events and history, said this: “Racism is not dead. But it is on Life support — Kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as racist.” I say Amen to Thomas! Thank you sir!

Today the fake and false news media outlets sent out that Joe Biden was polling ahead of Trump and receiving millions of dollars from all sources. Yet, President Trump had some 800,000 tickets secured for one of his next mid western state meetings and Joe Biden sits in his basement trying to figure out how to speak an intelligent word about anything. Remember the POLLS in 2016 were ALL wrong. They still are and they are stacked for the most party by the Democrats who use them and and make them up!


Various States in the Republic of the United States of America are experiencing a spike in the new Covid-19 Virus plague going on around the world. States like Florida, Texas and others are experiencing this today.


Many States are experiencing uprisings and riots, terror, and even murder over the last two or three weeks due to Incitement promoted by radical groups and the Media outlets along with one major political party (Democratic)! A false narrative is being pushed and many buy into it without checking out all of the facts and statistics and history of our last fifty years. Racial tensions are high simply because of the false narrative. It is good to see certain individuals springing up and speaking out against the false narrative, individuals who are from the black communities around the States.

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