Are we really Holy and Righteous new people, or is it just a matter of ‘one’ day becoming such later in heaven with Jesus? Did HE really forgive, remove, past, present and future sins in our lives or is it that we continually fail and never overcome here in this life, but only when we enter heaven? If we are not really righteous now, then what are we? Are we close to being perfect, close to being victorious over sin, and close to being a son of God or are we now sons of God, hidden in Christ and He sees us pure and holy? It seems like we are just getting caught up in rolling the dice hoping we may win at the end if such answers can’t be solid and definite and more clearer than what we hear from most pulpits today!


Romans 6:18 reads, “….having been freed from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.”

It is not that God looks upon us as if we are righteous, but the opposite, that WE ARE RIGHTEOUS NOW!! His word states, “For the eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous.” 1 Peter 3:12. It is now a actual state of being, we are in. Not just looking to Jesus through God’s eyes, and then seeing Him and us in him, but rather, He made us HOLY and PURE in our hearts and souls and spirit, by HIS power of course from and through Jesus. Certainly it is based upon the entire work of Christ passively and actively here on earth. And now through constant intercession for us at the Throne of God. He is our Advocate, our Lawyer, our Intercessor 24/7! But it is REAL righteousness of Christ IMPUTED TO US NOW not some day in the future.

We are either new persons or we are not! We can’t be both! Either we are saints or we are still wicked sinners. You and I can’t be both! God will have none of that! He hates sin. He will have nothing to do with sin but to judge it. We have been RAISED to walk in newness of Life with Him. We are really BORN of the Spirit. A real Transformation took place.

1 John 2:29 reads: “If you know that HE is righteous, you know that everyone also who practices righteousness is BORN OF HIM.”

2 Peter 1:4 states, “we..are partakers of the Divine Nature.” This divine nature can NEVER sin – will not sin – will not fall. It remains always righteous.

Notice Galatians 3:21 – “Is the Law then contrary to the promises of God? May it never be! For if a law had been given which was able to IMPART Life, then righteousness would indeed have been based on law.” So we have not only Imputed righteousness but we have imparted righteousness too!

Remember this: When we were called, drawn, and saved by God’s Amazing Grace, we were born again – we received a new heart, soul and spirit. But, our bodies, and all of the faculties associated with the functionality of human body such as the flesh(skin) bones, blood, tendons, nerves, brain matter, etc., DID NOT GET CHANGED ONE BIT. They bodily functions are still the same all the way through life.

Within that body which is aging and falling apart, decaying, dying, lives a power called SIN! It houses itself in that part of our innermost being called the FLESH. It works to make our bodily functions do wrong. Our desires go astray, they lust. Our appetites are out of control, we eat to much. Our thoughts can be wrong, and we can still easily allow the Flesh to operate under the temptation that comes and sin comes about bring more death to the body of skin and bones.

So, why then do we sin still, for all of us do not measure up in this life lived in the body here?

However, SIN CANNOT TOUCH THE NEW BORN CHILD OF GOD WHO DWELLS AND LIVES IN CHRIST. We are now Saints, Holy people, a holy nation of people, a member of the body of Christ, having a new heart, a new spirit and a new soul. Christ abiding in us and dwelling in us, and we in Him keeps us from Sin and Satan and from falling now and forevermore!

One day the old flesh with its sin will die and go back to dust. One day it will be raised perfect and holy and sanctified also, called really glorified. So all of our total being now in that moment will be perfected, body, soul and spirit and heart.

That is what is sinning now and what we struggle with. That is our spiritual warfare today. The Holy Spirit with our spirit struggle with the flesh and sin. Sometimes we fail, and sometimes we sin. It is a ongoing matter.

But the new person as Paul says’ does not sin but loves the Law and it is now sin that dwells in our Flesh that sins and not us. Also, John stated we who are in SEED (singular) Christ do not practice sin or sin at all. We can’t for HE is hiding us in Himself always. He never leaves and we never all out and back in. But the flesh can still sin. This dichotomy exists.

Let us run the race with patience looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our FAith. This is the constant work of God in us now sanctifying the flesh slowly and with certantainy one day in which He will glorify it with the BIG change of resurrection.

One part of us is as saved as we could ever be. Another part of us, our flesh is still waiting for the Big change of glorification and resurrection which is to come later.

by Lamar

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