Planet Earth – A New Beginning

The world today is out of order.  It is under a curse.  Mankind is a fallen creature in sin, except for those redeemed by Jesus Christ the Lord from Glory!  1 John 2: 15-17 reads; “Do not love the world or the things in the world….” and the rest of the verses speaks of how it is diseased and in darkness spiritually by and through sinful deeds and activities due to a heart problem! 

The world Tomorrow will be different.  All things will be made “new” and the “old” will pass away and be burned up!  The Bible is the meta-narrative all about the Lord Jesus Christ the Commander in Chief of Heaven’s Armies, and the Savior of His people whom He planned before creation to Save from destruction and hell and punishment. 

Throughout the articles written in our site, one can and will find a hiding place of rest, peace, assurance, contentment, and joy in Christ Jesus if they will turn to Him for salvation. 

God is NOT way out there somewhere or so far away man cannot be acquainted with Him. However, only those who hear His voice calling them, and also, recognize by His grace they should confess their sins, calling upon the Lord, turning from them and knowing Jesus is God in the flesh and died on the cross, rose again, and ascended back to Heaven waiting to come back and restore all things to perfection and judge the world with righteous judgment. Ending all pain, suffering, disease, death, destroying the works of Satan and sin, and punishing the wicked.

Those He saves from His own wrath and condemnation will inherit the whole earth restored and live with Him forever, in the New Jerusalem, the City of God, which comes down from heaven upon the earth! Are you ready? CAll upon Him now for today is the day of salvation!

by Lamar


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