On this day, 82 years ago, God brought me into this world. He formed, fashioned, and made every part of my entire being in the womb of my mother. The great God who made me, watched over me, protected me, directed me (although unknown to me at that time), throughout my forthcoming days upon planet earth! He has preserved my life several times in a more dramatic manner, although He keeps me alive and gives me breath every day.

It seemed I was destined to be slain in my mother’s womb, for an act of abortion was planned, but God raised up an Uncle, who convinced my parents to go through the process of having me birthed into this world and they, to live together in a proper marriage relationship.

On another occasion, later in life, I was previously saved (spiritually) by His grace and was baptized. The years that passed by led me, through God’s directions, to engage in the more important aspects of life here, by being involved in various ministries for His glory such as; Evangelism, Pastoral Ministry; Radio broadcast; Teaching in Bible School and also Local Church venues! Some of those days I had to engage in employment (self-supporting business), in order to carry out my calling properly. I can identify with the Apostle Paul on that matter.

A few years back, the Lord through many direct moves in my life, protected me from death, when I had the beginnings of a heart attack, resulting in open heart surgery providing me with 4 new veins and arteries to keep me going over the last 3 plus years. The background in all of this was amazing and so clearly revealing His hand was in it all, protecting me, for He had more for me to do.

On this day, in my morning meditations, I read on April 18th, Paul Tripps meditation, which directed my attention to Isaiah 31:1. It reads, “Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the Lord.”

Paul Tripp said this about the verse; “You have no reason for fear when you answer God’s call; but you have every reason to be afraid when you put your life in your own hands.”

I am amazed at the seemingly lack of concern or desire to turn to God and Jesus Christ during the most devastating time in the history of the world, after the great Flood, I think. I believe it is even worse than the great wars, because of two reasons; it is affecting all nations of peoples directly economically, with business entities closed down, people out of work, and secondly, the Virus is unseen and with no vaccines to protect from it, takes many lives and makes many very ill, not to speak of the added difficulties of social distancing, etc.

I do not wish to presume upon God and His purposes and His actions dealing with people and with this planet earth! I know however there are things that God has done, either through His own hand directly, or using Angels to do things, and even allowing Satan to do things on this earth after the Fall of man in the Garden of Eden. The Bible is filled with God’s warnings and actions upon both Israel and upon the Nations of the world concerning having other armies and nations to come against other nations for judgment, and also, allowing even Satan to do things to Job and to Job’s children for His purpose in showing how God can do great things by taking evil deeds and turning them into wonderful blessed things. Even the Cross of Christ and His Resurrection show us this. So, the Coronavirus (Covid-10) has to be addressed to the handiwork of God, because since HE is GOD and is total absolutely Control over ALL events that take place, from a falling meteor to earth from the sky, to the plagues throughout the history of the world, and then the end of the world or the Day of the Lord, when He rains much tragedy upon all of this earth it is almost so far removed from our minds to grasp we stand in awe as we read the book of Revelation, a future event to come in history, at least a portion of it is future, for some of the book has happened in past history!

God’s wrath and judgment, and for Christians discipline (training), is upon all of us, either for judgment unto death, or judgment in terms of a “trial and tribulation for His own people to bring about spiritual growth, or designed also to call and drive men and women, boys and girls to their knees calling upon Christ and our Lord for salvation. Primarily in these last days, He is working to save His sheep and elect by grace through faith, and the Law is set aside and not functional in terms of the Christians new birth or sanctification. He alone saves and sanctifies us by His own Grace through faith. Also, we must remember He is the one who has the very hairs on our heads numbered, and He is the one who takes human beings out of this earth, either by some disease, or disaster, or old age, etc.! We are born and conceived also by His direct will and purpose and He removes us when it is our time to go. Solomon told us that there is a time to be born and a time to die. History reveals such. We don’t just die on a whim! It is planned and ordained by the ALL knowing and ALL powerful God and His power. That being so I can say the next item in my article covers all there is I know about it from scripture.

All of these scenarios can be involved for sure. In fact, ALL are involved most likely. The blindness and the casual manner which seems to dominate most, is strikingly reflective of hard hearts and souls who are not in the least listening to God in the matter! There are no events that take place on planet earth without the Sovereign God being involved in them! Nothing can act,nothing can happen without God’s direct approval and the energy and power to carry it out, even if it is from Satan himself. Satan can’t operate without getting permission to carry out his nefarious acts ever!

We, in the USA, are certainly not remembering well what took place in Nineveh, as Jonah preached his message from God to the Leader and the people of this Place. God was going to destroy them, if they did not repent, but they did! God had planned on that to take place, that is, saving a people from their sins and bringing them into His kingdom. Oh, that this would take place in the USA today!

Working on ideas, plans, and all types of approaches to our problem with the Virus, many will not recognize and admit it is from God, and will not repent of their sin hardened evil hearts and actions and deeds. In fact, it keeps on going fast and furious!

Note the haughty slander, lies, hate, and continued divisions that take place in the Governmental Political arena of our nation. They don’t even take a break and can’t seem to wait to kick someone down and hate them and curse them. God is taking note and HIS anger and wrath will not be withdrawn upon those who mock Him and NOT come to Him in repentance for such Hatred and violent acts and deeds being conducted. He will not allow a nation or a world to continue on their hard hearted sinful acts without a direct response from His hand!

Perhaps there is still time, but now it seems people gain some type of hope for a reprieve, by certain rules or laws being enforced or changed. And that, without any repentance and acknowledgement of God at all. But God will have none of it. He may remove the Angel of Death and the Angel of the Plague from Covid-19 to some extent. But it isn’t over yet! The story hasn’t ended! Life here will be confronted again and again by God, warning mankind of their status before Him and calling upon their repentance and faith in Him alone for healing and stability of life here on this planet.

In fact, the economic fall is so intense and bad it will not come back quickly and people will suffer and have serious problems for years to come. IT IS TIME TO SEEK THE LORD! IT IS TIME TO COME TO JESUS CHRIST ALONE FOR SALVATION AND REMEMBER HIS FORGIVENESS AND HEALING WILL NOT COME BY GOOD WORKS, BUT BY MERCY AND GRACE, AS ONE HUMBLES THEIR SOULS AND SPIRITS BEFORE HIM IN FAITH AND REPENTANCE. God is a Loving God, a patient God, a Merciful God, and a God of Grace. But, He also is a God of wrath and judgment, and the Bible clearly states He is angry with the wicked every day! That is a FACT! Saints of God are NOT under His wrath, not under His condemnation, and they are saints who were formerly considered Sinners period, now we are sinners who have been saved and freed from sins power and domination. God sees us perfect now in Christ as we are not considered OUT OF CHRIST sinners, but IN CHRIST FREED sinners who are NOW SAINTS and Children of God, Sons of God, the Family of God, the people of the Kingdom of God, and the Bride of Christ Jesus. That is our nomenclature (names) now. I find that folks want to keep their own lives as well as Satan also wanting them too, and that is revealing they are just wicked, foul, rotten, sinners, and full of shame, disgrace, guilt, and under the Law!

He loves to keep us under the Law. Yet, Christ has pardoned us from ALL SINS – PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE. We now have behavior problems, but HE still sees us under the ONE TIME Atonement made by Christ Jesus. The BLOOD always covers our sins even now! We are told to STOP them! We are shown that we are to confess our sins to one another if we harm others, but we are to remember as Paul the Apostle did, that if we do wrong, it is no longer us doing it, but SIN that dwells within us, but that SIN is Forgiven already in Christ Jesus through Justification, being pronounced because of the gift of Faith and our being in Christ. There is ONLY one atonement. One sacrifice! Do you and I believe and trust in that ONE event taking place and our being placed under it by God through the Spirit, when we were saved by grace, or are we still begging God to save us when He already has? I fear many can’t embrace the Doctrine of Grace because they think they have to keep gaining favor with God by functioning under the idea of Behavior Modification works, to accomplish it when it has already been accomplished by Christ. Going back to the Law, the entire 613 rules and regulations, and also the Mosaic 10 Commandments is not going to work, nor were they designed to work in terms of our salvation or sanctification. They have no power! They are for lost people, sinners, not saints and not followers of Christ Jesus. We are under the ‘so called Golden rule or law”, which is to Love God with all of our strength, mind, spirit and soul, and our neighbor as ourselves! That is the law of Christ! No more and no less! The Law is good and holy! I am not a antinomian at all, but seek to rightly “divide” the word of God the scriptures. Using the law unlawfully is the problem today throughout Christendom! It must be exposed and stopped! Follow Jesus, HE is enough. Walk in His Spirit He is enough! Trust, confide, rely upon, depend upon, love Him and He will bless, and you will have true Freedom and not be under the law, nor under sins power.

We are no better than Israel when we seek to accomplish our salvation or sanctification through such ideas of works. We have the ONE SACRIFICE DONE AND IT IS OVER WITH. Our sins are forgiven or they are not! I believe the Gospel, the book of Hebrews and the book of Galatians which speaks of all of this so vividly and clearly! When we go to God and Christ and the Holy Spirit in prayer do we believe in our hearts that the last sin we committed was already paid for and God put in as far as the east is from the west from Him? Or do we keep wallowing around in guilt, shame, and disgrace as if we are vile sinners without Atonement and are insulting the God of Grace? May we admit we fail Him surely, but remember at the same moment that we are seen by HIM IN CHRIST and not in our previous positions as people who are vile, wicked, depraved sinners no better than the unbelievers!!

That is a slap in Christ’s face and God’s! We are not like that at all, for if we were we would still be condemned, under wrath, and disfavor from God and He would be angry with us very day of our lives as He is with the wicked! Remember your LOCATION, your STATUS, your HERITAGE, your FAMILY, your PEDIGREE, and your STATE of being!! I have a birth certificate showing who I was, and my family when I was born. I now have a birth certificate in heaven showing God chose me from BEFORE the foundation of the world, to be ONE OF HIS family members and HE adopted me and birthed me into His kingdom in the ‘future’ which was just done some close to 70 years ago. I am a child of God period! A pure, holy, saint period! The God of my salvation said so and say’s so, right NOW! There is one part of my being that is Holy, Sanctified, and even sitting in the heavenlies with Christ right now! These are great mysteries and truths but it is so!!

We can come directly to the Throne of God’s Grace to obtain help in time of need. Let us see that and praise God for such a opportunity He has given to find help in time of need! On this my birthday remembrance, I hope and pray for such good news to come to my ears and sight.

In any case, unto Him be all of the glory for He has saved me, forgiven me, established me, and my trust in not in Medicine, Doctors, Government, Nature, but ONLY in Christ Alone! He is my hiding place for now and evermore!

Amen! Selah! Marnatha!

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