The Old Testament law was a total unit. All ceremonial, civil and moral, however, all of it was moral since God stated it and commanded it. That entire law was done away with and stopped period. In fact, Jesus the Christ and Messiah, the Son of God, kept the entire law of God perfectly and fulfilled every part of it.

Now, when we say it is done away with, we mean it has its place in God’s works among men. Among the pagan it condemns them for they can never be able to do what it demands. No person can do what the law of God demands. None! Not even Christian saints!

It is good, it is to be respected, it reveals the absolute moral character of God, it was NOT designed to save people, nor was it designed to sanctify any person at all. It was designed to show HOw Sinful sin really is and that man needs a Savior! Man needs Grace and mercy! No one can get to heaven with the Law nor can they be made good by the law.

ONLY by and through IMPUTED righteousness of Christ to His Sheep and chosen ones can one go to heaven and be with Christ Jesus. So, let us stand for the law and let it do what God designed it to do. Matthew 5, 6 and 7 and we remember too, that Jesus was living and operating under the Old Covenant and had not cut the New Covenant at this time. So these words were not for the New Covenant born again children of God, but rather for the pagan Jews who were depending upon their ideas of being Abrahams natural seed, and also, their ideas of what the law actually taught which was incorrect!

Also and so these are not for us but for the JEWS who needed to see how impossible their ideas were relating to the Law – all 613 and the Mosaic law called the 10 commandments. WE as saints, are imputed with the Righteousness of Christ alone and in HIM we stand! Not in our keeping of any laws but rather by Grace through Faith. So we look to HIM exclusively rather than to the Law expressed under the Old Covenant.

The New Covenant expressed and taught to us in the New Testament is the “law of Christ” , which Jesus made clear when He stated, “You have heard it said in the law that you should not commit adultery, BUT I SAY TO YOU ……”, so He is the authority and final word on all words from God to us today. The Law of Christ is encapsulated into the words given and called the Great Commandment, which is functioning in and through the Holy Spirit in the life of regenerated hearts who follow Jesus and have the Spirit and walk by faith!

We receive mercy and grace from Him as unworthy sinners and are no longer under the curse of the law. Another way of expressing this is we are “in-lawed” to Christ. We are bound to Him and His word and all that the Gospel means, as expressed in the doctrines of grace. Galatians makes it absolutely clear the Mosaic law which included all aspects of law given by God in the Old Covenant has been done away with totally. If one goes back to that or stays under that, they are UNDER A CURSE.

We are now in the New Covenant which is NEW, and not under a curse any longer, we are under God’s mercy and grace and actually are IN CHRIST perfectly whole, without any wrath upon us. Our High Priest took care of all of that when HE cut the NEW Covenant on the Cross. The New Covenant was NEW and it was NOT a continuation or a restating of a Old Covenant, it was NEW!

So, as an example, the Sabbath is NOT binding on us today, for we are under the law of Christ or a part of the New Covenant, and have entered into HIM as our Rest! In fact every day is our Rest or Sabbath since it has been fulfilled by Him!

He fulfilled all of the law for us! It is over with period! And He imputed to us His righteousness reflected in His law keeping perfectly during His time on earth, so we are found safe in Him as redeemed forgiven children of God now!

However, always remember we find our Sabbath REST in Christ alone! No physical day or day’s have any bearing on anything insofar as law is concerned. Systems of theology put together by man are not the final word, and must not be followed if different than what I have just stated, but rather follow the scripture. Galatians, (all of the epistles), Hebrews and Romans are well written to take care of all of these aberrations floating around in Confessions today!

by Lamar Carnes

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