The big objective of the word of God, as given to us in the Holy Scriptures, is to make God known to us, and to show mankind as they are in the eyes of their Maker, and to show the relation of one to the other. It is our business as Ambassadors of Christ to the fallen creatures (men and women, boys and girls, children of all ages) that character and perfection of God, and also, the original condition of mankind and his or her apostasy, along with the remedy by God for this ruination.

We must get a glimpse of the horror of the cesspool we are now in, which by nature we have existing, in order to appreciate Christ’s so great Salvation from such.

SPOTLIGHT: As Christ followers and saints of God, we must be so careful now in our walk and witness for Christ. Ask the question, “What do I focus upon each day? Do I focus on my personal failures (sins) or do I focus on the Triune Godhead? Do I constantly wallow around in the thoughts about sin and how it is so terrible, and it is so tempting, and that is where my mind and desires and thoughts are, or do I focus on my redemption, My Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God, the New City of God prepared for me in heaven, the righteousness of God, the joy, the delight, the satisfaction we have in Christ Jesus and the things of the SPIRIT?

It is correct to confess our failures and sins to God and to others if need be, but we do NOT stay there, we do not meditate upon them and wallow around in the poison on and on and on during the day! Satan leads us to do so, so we become impotent spiritually, and think of our new person as evil, filthy, corrupt, defiled, and leaves us in depression and guilt and shame! That is a outright display faith NOT in operation. We should confess knowing our sins are forgiven and cast as far as the east is from the west. Notice David’s words in Psalm 32 and you will get the picture. “BLESSED IS THE GODLY WHOSE SINS AND INIQUITIES ARE COVERED UP AND FORGIVEN.”

We have a awful disease and plague from our very conception, coming to us through the bloodline of Adam. BUT NOW WE HAVE A NEW NATURE! NOW WE DANCE, SING, REJOICE, DELIGHT IN, AND ARE AT PEACE WITH GOD. LET NOT SIN AND SATAN MOLD YOU INTO ANY OTHER MINDSET!!!

A old divine named David Clarkson, pointed out this fact in a sermon he preached, from Psalm 51:5 as follows:

The end of the ministry of the Gospel is to bring sinners to Christ. Their way to this end lies through the sense of their misery without Christ. The ingredients of this misery is sinfulness, original and actual; the wrath of God, whereto sin has exposed us; and our impotency to free ourselves either from sin or wrath. That we may therefore promote this great end, we shall endeavour, as the Lord will assist, to lead you in this way, by the sense of misery, to Him who alone can deliver from it. Now the origin of our misery being the corruption of our own nature, or original sin, we thought fit to begin here, and therefore have pitched upon these words as very proper for our purpose: “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.” Only Christ delivers us from that thing called sin! The New Birth is essential which brings us into Christ and into a New Nature given by God!

Another minister of the past, J.C. Philpot said, “As no heart can sufficiently conceive, so no language can adequately express, the state of wretchedness and ruin into which sin has cast guilty, miserable man. In separating him from God, it severed him from the only source of all happiness and holiness. It has ruined him body and soul, the one it has filled with sickness and disease; in the other it has defaced and destroyed the image of God in which it was created. It has made him love sin and hate God.”

George Whitfield, a great evangelist of many years back said, “I look upon (sin) not merely as a doctrine of Scripture—-the Great Fountain of truth—-but a very fundamental one, from which I hope God will allow none of you to be enticed.”

Jesus said more about what this matter of sin as done in mankind by stating more about “hell” than He did about any other doctrine. The corruption, the blindness, the hostility, of all of Adam’s descendants to all that is of a spiritual nature is evident so strongly today and can be observed ALL of the time by watching television shows, or listening to the politicians elected to offices especially during their campaigns.

The bondage of all people to Satan and his minions of demons and their complete impotence to turn to God for deliverance are always set forth in the scriptures clearly.

A generation(s) of church goers came into being which is deplorably ignorant of the basic truths of the Bible about their awful condition. The chains of darkness and hardness and unbelief which binds their natural heart and soul, or of the darkness in the dungeon they are in are not realized by most. Man is plagued with diseases, plagues, corruption, blindness, pain, suffering, anxieties, fear, depression, strife, turmoil, murder, hate, wars, cursings, terror, decay etc.! Sin is a blight upon humanity. Brought about by human beings who are totally responsible. Sin started with Satan or Lucifer a Angel that fell by the sin of Pride he developed. 1/3rd of the Holy Angels fell from their state of perfection with him He now tempts and entices all human beings to sin against God. To be their own little god and do things “my way”! Not God’s way! And man still bites the fruit off the tree proving he or she is a sinner and guilty before God seeking to be their own god! And yet they complain of the results of their folly and charge God with the cause of such! Really? When we make our choices they are our choices.

However, if we all had been born and lived on earth with Adam and Eve we would HAVE DONE the same thing. All humans do what their Father does. So we were children by the bloodline of Adam and that means we had him acting out sin and we would bring through his blood sin into the world also. Guilty as charged, and to prove it we sin from the time we are observed from the womb speaking forth lies but doing so in baby talk! Every good mother knows how the little children do not have to be taught to do wrong, but have to be taught to do right. Sin is terrible! Sin is rotten! Sin is corrupt! Sin is against GOD HIMSELF

As Saul of Tarsus found out when he was converted on the road to Damascus, He asked who it was that had made him blind and knocked him down off of his horse to the ground! Then Jesus said to Him “I am Jesus who you are persecuting”! Saul, later called Paul, had been striking out and having Christians killed and persecuted, so striking God’s people is a strike against God and Christ. Sin is awful!

But even with that, we are not totally free from sins power and presence since we live IN THIS BODY WHICH HAS SIN RESIDING IN IT AND IT IS CALLED THE ‘FLESH’! BUT WE HAVE BEEN DELIVERED FROM THIS FLESH! CHRIST SET US FREE! However, it still seeks to overthrow us and cause us much misery, but Christ gives us great promises and power to overcome it in our daily lives now!

Until Jesus rescues us from such a body at the resurrection or translation to come, we live with it. We wrestle with sin all of our life. We have to struggle and mortify the deeds of the flesh through the Spirit and the Word of God for any victory over sin in this life.


Romans 5: 12-18 reveals we are all sinners from birth, not just something we begin to do later in life. This means we are sinners not only by choice but by birth! Ephesians 2:3 reads, “…by nature children of wrath.
But now we are IN the SPIRIT and no longer in the FLESH, we have been delivered from “sin” in the Flesh, and now we are In the Spirit and In Christ Jesus and He is in us! Sin lurks within the “flesh” which still resides in the body of skin and bones and seeks to operate but we no longer LIVE in the FLESH but in the SPIRIT. That is if we have Christ and the Holy Spirit.

BEFORE WE WERE SAVED, BY GOD’S GRACE, We did not merely DO evil but we were evil. Sin affected the total being of a person, his or her will, desires, thoughts, and every aspect of our inner soul. Our “will” was in bondage to sin. Our will responded to our “desires” which are unholy and those desires are so strong our “will” sought to carry them out in life.

Even now, in the “flesh” when it is allowed to operate by us just try to stop something you know is wrong and evil that you have practiced for some time. Occasionally a person may change a bad habit, but not usually and certainly not all of them! We can freely function in the realm of our sinful life activities but we are not able to see, think, and function in spiritual activities until God moves upon our dead spirits enabling us to move toward Him! AND THAT TOOK PLACE AT THE TIME WE WERE SAVED AND BORN AGAIN!

Michael Horton stated in Putting Amazing Back into Grace, Remember this was past tense if you are really born again and now have the nature of God within you!! “…we not only fall, we are fallen. We not only get lost, we are lost. We sin because it is our nature and our will goes in that direction with desires pushing it. We are most comfortable when we are committing sin in some form or another.” That is the life of a person outside of Christ Jesus. We no longer desire to live this way and that is not our identity now. We may fail and many times we do, but that is not our identity and our life style now as saints!

The sovereign grace of God will bring peace, security, contentment, and Holy Spirit driven sanctification in our life as Christians. Christ demands death to self-will, self-esteem and any other idolatry we may engage in if we are to find life in Him. Salvation and sanctification are by God’s grace alone. Sola Gratia!!

Thousands of ministers, instead of faithfully telling their hearers of their woeful state of being by nature, and what took place at redemption, and who we are now in Christ, and what it was like prior to being born again. They waste time by talking about the current and latest news regarding Governments and other mundane matters people are faced with during life, majoring on slander of one another and hate toward one another. Or majoring on their plights and trying to convince them they can be and do better if they only try harder, not realizing NO man can unshackle their souls from the chains of sin and bondage and Satan’s family except in and through the Lord Jesus Christ, the Commander in Chief of Heaven’s Armies who can set the captives FREE!

The scriptures state:But if our Gospel (good news) be hid, it is hid to them that are lost; in who the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” 2 Corinthians 4:3-4.

John 12: 39-40, reveals a great truth on this subject; It reads, “Therefore they COULD NOT believe, BECAUSE……he has blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they SHOULD NOT SEE with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.” The reason for this continual hardening is that man will not submit to Christ, will always oppose Him, and go after idols and every evil thing. Unless the Lord chooses and grants mercy to the person and opens their eyes they will all perish! Man has only will power to operate in his realm of sin, he has not will power to engage in Real Spiritual things concerning God because those things are Spiritual and He is DEAD spiritually speaking. Without any ability to free himself but not even wanting to do so! No man comes to God, but all forsake Him!

The right question to be asked then is “Why me Oh Lord, Why Me?
Why have you called and chosen me for I too am a lost sinner and wicked? The point is that ALL people are lost and rebels and guilty before God and deserving of punishment by God. All are guilty! None will come!

So, by God’s omnipotent power flowing forth exercising Mercy and Grace HE saves many! We know not which ones He will save but He told us to go to ALL and preach the Gospel and HE would build His called out body called the Church. He has shed His blood on the cross for HIS Sheep and HIS people and it was not shed in vain, but accomplished total salvation for which the blood was shed meaning ALL who are ever saved came under that Atonement made at the Cross.

Unbelief and all other types of sins were forgiven totally and completely, past, present, future of all whom the Blood was shed for. If he paid for the Sins of ALL humanity which would INCLUDE UNBELIEF for this is the greater sin expressed, ALL would go to heaven but we know all do not!

So, if you are saved by His grace, be so ever thankful and Love Him with all of your heart, mind, soul and spirit. Love given, produces love returned! Those who are left perishing, receive Justice and what was and is Right and Correct and Holy! God cannot be shown as acting wrongly ever! He leaves mankind who do not repent and have not repented and trusted in Him to their own way to pay for their own sins, but grants mercy and grace to others whom He calls. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

If you hear HIS voice calling come to Him now! That means You are one of His elect chosen ones! HE prevents NO one from coming, but if no one will, they perish!

So I challenge anyone if they really want Jesus to come and He will not cast away. The point is NONE will come and NONE will seek God or the Real God that is! So those who perish are justly charged as guilty and they pay for their own crimes. This is what SIN has brought upon the world of human beings! That reveals the absolute insanity of sin! Why would you not want to come to a kind, benevolent, loving God and One who gave HIS only begotten son on the cross to die for sinners? For there is no other name given among men whereby they must be saved except through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the God/Man (Immanuel)! Trust, confide, call upon, rely upon and embrace Him as He calls!

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