THE COURTROOM! By Bobbie Carnes

Imagine your favorite courtroom scene from your favorite lawyer TV show or John Grisham novel. The courtroom of God isn’t like that. He is the judge, prosecutor, and jury. In this courtroom there is only God, your accuser, yourself, and your lawyer.Oh, and also, the law you have broken is God’s law. And the thing about it is, you are guilty. Totally and completely guilty.
The Judge raps his gravel. All eyes are on him. But, it’s the prosecutor who speaks, “Judge, Bobbie Carnes is guilty of breaking all of your laws. You said if she broke one it was as if she had broken them all. She is a guilty sinner. Vile! Should receive the full punishment of the law! Death! The Judge nods in agreement.
Now at this point, all your hope is gone. You have nothing to say in your defense. You stand there head down, waiting for the Judge to pronounce your sentence. But then, your lawyer, your advocate, your representative stands. He smiles at the Judge, points at you and says, “Judge, Father, (Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, your lawyer is the Judge’s Son.) She is not guilty. I took her punishment on the Cross. All of her sins”, He looks at the accuser, “were piled on me and I already absorbed all the wrath Your holy law demands. Her sentence of death was paid by me and I will vouch for her. Please Father, set her free. Let her live. And also, Father, will you put on her record all the righteousness I possess? That way not only is her criminal record wiped clean, but it has all the goodness I have done written on it.”
The accuser is pulling his hair out and cursing because he knows what that means. If the Judge’s Son, sets you free, you are free indeed! And there is nothing the accuser can do about it.
The Judge bangs down his gravel again. “Acquitted!” He declares, smiling at His Son.
“Also, Father, may I take her home to live with us that where we are she may be also?”
“Yes, my Son! I will adopt her and be her Father, too.”
Bet you never saw a TV show like that before! But, what I have described is reality. It will happen and the outcome will be as I have described if your trust, hope and faith is in Jesus Christ as your Savior.
If not, the accuser will get his way and the outcome will be you are a lawbreaker with no defense. The outcome is eternal and spiritual death.
So, take a moment now and check over your spiritual criminal record. Is it wiped clean? Then thank Him. But, if it is indicting you as a breaker of God’s law, call upon the perfect lawyer, advocate, representative, redeemer, Jesus, to take care of it.

By Bobbie Carnes

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