John 1:14 in the Holy Scriptures, the word of God said: “THE WORD WAS MADE FLESH”!

Reading the rest of the chapter and many other verses throughout the Bible concerning the Messiah who came named Jesus the Christ, was considered Immanuel (God with us) person!

All other miracles, and actions and descriptions about Jesus are easily believed and embraced if a person comes to KNOW that GOD actually did become One with Human Flesh but Without Sin residing in it at all. Perfect being! No flaws! This was God in the Flesh!

The reason you have Jehovah witnesses, and other cults which moved away from Christianity and the Scriptures was this very first matter that has to be embraced and believed in, that this One born of a Virgin, was the very Son of God, God in the Flesh. They could not accept that and so nothing else about His metanarrative is believed either. Oh, he existed, but he was just a prophet or a preacher of some sort and a good. Of course, HE could not have been a good man, or just a prophet like Elijah, for His own words make Him a liar if He is not God in the Flesh. He is either a crazy man, a false prophet, not a good man or HE is really God in the Flesh as He states He was.

The reason for this having to be so is this;

God in order to forgive and save human beings from HIS wrath and condemnation sending them to the Lake of Fire and eternal punishment, has to be Just, has to be an acceptable Holy matter. He could not overlook the criminals, the rebels, for He is Just and they have to be punished for their crime.

Man has to pay for their crime, they can’t pay the debt back by earning it for they cannot live good enough to demand the favor of God. Man is a sinner! He is bankrupt! He is impotent completely!

So, God desired to give to His Son Christ Jesus, a people for His own, to be join heirs with Him, to be His actual Bride and Body of people to live with Him forever. He created all mankind in the beginning, and God desired for Him to have a people for His names sake and purposes. So, Jesus became a man and Jesus is God you know, He is the eternal Son of God, and now He became a sinless perfect man being born of a virgin and not inheriting the blood of Adam! Adam’s blood was tainted with sin, but being born of a Virgin, He by-passed that corrupted blood of Adam!

Now being a God/Man, He could live perfectly for them and in their place, then be slaughtered on a Cross shedding His own blood atoning for their sins, and dying on that Cross in their place! He was proven to have provided that and was God’s own personal Sacrifice which would be satisfactory to the Father God in the place of the actual persons who were chosen to be His own people. To prove that it was such, HE rose from the grave (tomb) and ascended back into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Father’s Throne making intercession for His people all the time. He makes them perfect through ALL He did for them and in their place. That is, He imputed all of the benefits of His work onto their account! God looks at each one of them as being IN Christ and Like Christ and sees no fault in them! He covers their sins! They go free! Free now to serve and Love God and worship Him!

Yes Jesus Christ was God in the Flesh! A mystery we cannot embrace in terms of understanding it all absolutely, but understanding it enough to know it is true and it accomplished what God intended it to accomplish! He SAVES PEOPLE FROM SIN AND FROM THEIR OWN SELF!

Who is this Jesus? He was and is God, the Son of God, the only Begotten of God, He was the very Word of God!

More revelation from the scripture attests to such also, for instance, John’s Gospel states;

  1. “In the beginning was the Word”! This speaks of the Eternality of the Word. No beginning and no end. John 1:1
  2. “And the Word was WITH God” (1:1). Here is the Word’s personality. Eternal relation with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
  3. “And the Word was God” (1:1). Here we find His deity. He is NOT a created being, He is Divine in Himself, as the Father is.
  4. “Through Him all things were made. (1:3) Here the Word is creating. Colossians, an Epistle of Paul makes much of this creative and sustaining work of Christ. He is and was the creator God and also the sustainer of the current creation of God.
  5. “In HIm was life”! (1:4). Here is the Word animating. Life ONLY comes from Him! All things that have any form of life come from Him and He sustains such!
  6. “And that Life was the Light of men”! (1:4). Here is the Word Revealing. A realization of life comes from all that God is doing, has done, and will be done.
  7. “The Word became Flesh”! (1:14). Here is the Word Incarnate. The baby in the manger was none other than the Eternal Word of God.

(Thoughts from “Knowing God” written by J.I. Packer)

The word of God became flesh, and He stated, this: “There is no name given among men whereby they may be saved, except by and through the Name of Jesus Christ!” If you hear Him calling you today to come unto Him, He loves you so – then come, for you are called and chosen to be in His eternal family. If you turn away, and will not come, you are NOT one of His and not chosen, but the wrath of God remains on you! Amen!

(Article assistance based on writings and helps from “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer)

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