In our personal life dealing with other people we meet from day to day, many times we meet new people at our workplace, in our communities, and various other places. After introducing ourselves to each other, we “know” their names and perhaps a little bit of information is shared with each other meaning that each of us are beginning to share things that will help us “know” who we really are!

So, how is it possible then to know God?

He, first of all, is invisible to us, that is, we do not physically see God! Yet, we know that He exists! How can we know Him and be introduced to Him, and actually personally have a intimacy develop?

John 17:3 reads, “This is eternal life. That they may know you, the ONLY true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”

This revelation to the Apostle John whom God sent to publish and proclaim the message of how to know God personally is full of tremendous essentials on how one can know God personally.

Notice in that verse frist that knowing God brings ETERNAL life, not just knowing someone, but knowing someone that grants and gives to a person more than just a knowledge of Who He is, One who gives Eternal life to a human being. That means first, the person doesn’t have such and is in need of that, if they want to Know God and live forever! To know about Him, to just make a statement you believe in God is not enough! That is not actually knowing the Person God! It is knowing in the sense of as an example, we know George Washington was the President of the USA, but we actually did not know George Washington.

In fact, a Prophet of old, many years ago spoken about in the Old Testament, said this; “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this: that he Understands and Knows me (God), as it reads in Jeremiah 9:23-24. Jeremiah was sharing with us and all peoples that God states this very clearly how we should be thinking!

Just from these few words, one can see how important then it is for a human being on this earth to make this a priority in his or her life!

So, is there just some sort of verbal formula, for such a thing like a ‘check that needs to cashed” in order to have any value at all. To cash in something, we need to know how to do that. Are we talking about a certain phrase being used, or a special experience emotionally, shivers down our back, tingling thrills and emotions like a drug addict? Or is it some sort of intellectual experience? Do we hear voices? Do we see a vision? We need to think about this because there is so much out there that can be phony and not really from God at all which people experience in life.

Knowing God is more complex than just knowing another person here on this earth! It is more complex than knowing a house down the street, or a book, or a popular music star or a language.

In fact, even knowing people doesn’t mean you know everything about that person for people keep back secrets from you and you don’t really know them totally at all. So, our knowledge of another person depends really upon them and what they reveal to us about their own self. God will reveal to us enough of WHO HE is in order to establish a relationship bringing about Salvation and the New Birth, making us ‘sons of God’ or ‘children of God’ alive from the deadness we were living in.

Jesus Christ said on one occasion when He was here these words, “Don’t you know me….? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father (God); “no one comes to the Father except through me” – JOHN 14:9.

The point is here that if one wants to know God, they have to come through Jesus Christ and Him alone!

To make this short and less complicated and lengthy, the fact is this; the entire meta-narrative about who God is will be found in the entire Holy Scriptures. Act 1 is the Old Testament and Act 2, is the New Testament and these two narratives go together and can’t be seperated. Both are needed in our perusal of Who God is, and how He reveals Himself to mankind. Those words reveal to us Who God is, What he is like, What he is doing, Why we are here, and how we get to know Him personally! It is found in the written word of God to man! So, it pays one to pick up the scriptures and read them and ask God to reveal Himself to you in and through the word of God the scriptures as you read them and meditate upon the words.

God chooses to reveal Himself in the Living Word and the Written Word which are Both revealing Jesus who in fact reveals to us the Father God! In HIM alone we have Life Eternal and in Him alone we have been given spiritual ‘eye’s and hearing ‘ears’ and a open “heart” to receive HIM into our life!

Important to remember in all of this is that we do not make friends with God. God makes friends with us, bringing us to know Him by making His love known to us through Christ Jesus! Paul speaks of this in Galatians 4:9, “Now that you know God—–or rather are Known By God”. Grace you see comes first, it remains fundamental of God’s taking knowledge of people. They know Him by faith and repentance gifts from Him to a person singled out by grace. Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I am found, was blind but now I see, are the words of a very well know song! Grace is the unmerited, unearned, favor of God to a human being not worthy of such love and favor!

Sometimes folks get lost in all of the rhetoric and explanations about what we are to do to know God and realize all of this is really true and real. One of the big problems centers around how our “first father Adam and mother Eve conducted their affairs and activities outside of God’s command given”!

We react the same way today. What is that I am speaking about. Remember how Eve was tempted by Satan to do the very opposite of what told her about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which was not to eat of its fruit. If she did she would die, which meant, immediate spiritual death or separation from God the giver of life eternal, and then physical death sets in and eventually Adam and her own bodies would die.

Their reactions were at the very first, to HIDE from God because of their guilt and shame which came upon them. Fear ruled. They now feared God. They had disobeyed His word. Today, we as chldren of Adam, do the same thing. We sin, but what do we do? We begin to make charges against other people or even God Himself. Adam blamed God for giving him this woman Eve who enticed him to eat of the fruit, so the finger pointing took place after the hiding of himself behind the bushes.

Then Even did the same thing she pointed her finger at Satan who enticed her. They both felt the guilt and shame of this sin. Rather than doing what they were supposed to do, “because of their blindness now on spiritual issues”, which was immediately RUN to God Who alone would forgiven them and hide them safely from their sin in the arms of His Son Jesus, they focused on the sin itself.

We can’t focus on the fruit of sin, things like lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, lust, covetousness, and on and on! If we do we never get rid of the guilt, the shame, the disturbance within our heart and soul. We only make it worse. God say’s we ae to admit our guilt and shame before Him certainly, but in confessing that sinful state we are in along with the fruit growing out from it, we are to come to the Father through His Son Jesus who paid the debt owed for such rebellion when He took our sin and sins upon Himself and God struck His only begotten Son with His wrath which was displayed upon the Son who had our sins upon Him, paying the only price worthy of such value, His own life for our sins! In that way, now we RUN to HIM when we sin. We run to HIM because of what the Gospel work did and meant. God the Father was satisifed with Christ and His offering or atonement made for our sins, because HE was raised from the dead proving He conquered death, hell and the grave.

He now lives as our great High Priest making intercession for us daily before the Father. So we can come now, and be cleansed and forgiven and restored and be at peace with God and man as we live now in Love toward our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have peace with God.

Will you still run to the created things, the pleasures of this world system, the trinkets out there that you think will salve or comfort you about your sin and sins? Those will not work and will not bring satisfaction that lasts. Only more guilt, more shame, more disgrace, more control of sin over you! Come to Jesus and be set free to worship Him and Live for Him in complete satisfaction which last forever. HE IS LIFE! Life that lasts forever! I would recommend however, two very clear writings from God to mankind, which reveal the meta-narratives real well.

They are the books of: The Gospel of John and the book of Hebrews!! Excellent and very important in terms of what the Gospel (good news) really means and how we are saved by God’s grace.

Use these elementary words and thoughts to put you on track to getting to KNOW God personally and His salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

Lamar Carnes

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