One of the tragic events of history, and yes, even at this present moment in our Churches, is the lack of ministers and teachers who will represent what the Bible actually teaches about God and what He does and How he feels and acts in regards to all matters of life and especially the salvation of a person.  Men and women will cover up much of what the Bible teaches about God Himself, the doctrines of grace, which unpacks what salvation is all about.  They will change, twist, ignore, absolutely deny (not using God’s words), major doctrines regarding man, God, redemption of the soul, and how we are to live in this world under God’s sovereignty.  Today, in our troublesome times with the Covid-19 virus, I hope and pray people will turn to theword of God and read His word and find first, salvation in Christ, and second, how to find peace, joy, comfort, a lack of fear and anxiety from God by His grace to your hearts that He loves you and will care for you during these times . He has the whole world in His hands for sure. Trust Him!

In the following blog articles, one can find much of what we notice is ignored or denied and stood against, by the organized Church denominations and other religions!   Fairy tales, outright hate and opposition toward God is exhibited everywhere.  Please read the articles and consider or evaluate them using the scriptures alone.  Pray God will reveal to you the truth!  Spiritual truths CANNOT be understood  by a Non-Believer!  He or she has to be revealed all spiritual truth by God alone!  Even many theological truths are only understood after much prayer, study and through faith by a Believer!  So pursue at your own risk!  Things are really different from what you have heard pouring forth on the radio, television and in various magazines!

Someone may say, there are so many interpretations out there, so many different views, so how can I be so dogmatic about this. A fair question! I would only ask one to read the scriptures carefully and keep the thought about the question you may have up front, making sure you keep all words in Context, and search all places the subject is spoken about in context, and If I am wrong do not believe me for a second! The word of God defends itself, and I have no fear about being shown wrong on the essentials I speak about. Multitudes along with me have confirmed this also down through history, but word is the final authority for us all. I try to share with you if something is just my own personal opinion and idea about a subject, but if I don’t do that, I consider my words are based upon the revelation given to all of us in the word of God!

A last thought I think should also be given about my writings.  I want all to understand that I love the called out ones, identified by the Greek word Ekklesia, which literally means ‘called out ones, which is the born again body of Christ.   It has its problems, its warts, its hypocrites, those who struggle and fall, but it is still the body of Christ visibly, and there are no pagans existing within its ranks!   It is the apple of God’s eye.  God knows those in that body by name, and they are His and we can never leave that body of born again believers for He keeps us in it!  

It needs our love, our attention, our prayers, our encouragements, our gifts to help it function properly for Christ in this world, and so we love it!  If you can do anything, try to assist the ‘called out ones’ so they can grow spiritually and serve Christ better in this world.  Work for its sanctification and not to harm it!  If you can’t support the visible gatherings of those in the body of Christ, then you need to re-examine your faith and your relationship with the Lord Jesus.  He died for His Sheep and His body of believers. would we?

Lamar Carnes

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